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Features and Facilities

  • Garden beds are approximately 4 x 3 metres.
  • Several beds are raised to be more comfortable to people with mobility problems.
  • Water is provided by hoses connected to both town and tank water.
  • We have several sheds to house equipment and a “big” shed” for meetings, socialising over a coffee or tea and generally relaxing.
  • There are solar panels on the big shed roof to supply electricity and we have a wood heater for winter.
  • We also have communal compost heaps and we often have  communal fertiliser and mulch piles.
  • We have toilet facilities.
  • We also have a greenhouse, two pizza ovens, a gas BBQ, a communal herb garden, a small orchard, a native garden and chooks.
  • We have a children’s playground area.
  • We often host workshops and demonstrations relevant to gardening.
  • We have a hothouse and a raised area for potting of seedlings.


Any member of the community is eligible to take up a garden bed. Membership is open to individuals, families and organisations, and beds are allocated at the discretion of the Ballarat Community Garden Committee

There is normally a short waiting list of applicants wanting to join our community and, if no beds are available at the time of applying, each applicant will be advised when their bed does becomes available.  Allocation of beds will be based on:

  • Date of application.
  • Physical needs of the applicant.
  • Ballarat Community Garden priorities.


There is an annual fee required for a garden bed, the year being July 01 – June 30. 

New members will be charged on a pro rata basis.  For example a person taking up a plot in January will only be charged half the annual fee.  

The money collected from fees will be used for garden supplies, maintenance, social gatherings for the gardeners and other costs as determined by the Ballarat Community Garden Committee.

Full bed Full Fee            $70

Full bed Concession       $60

Raised Box Full Fee       $45

Raised Box Concession $35

A bond will be retained for each key issued and refunded when the key is returned.


All gardeners will be provided with a key to the garden at the time of bed allocation.  This will allow access 24/7. Gardeners sharing a plot with others may be allocated a second key on request.


Garden beds are allocated to the person or persons named in the Community Garden contract.  Beds are not transferable without the permission of Committee. If a gardener no longer wishes, or is no longer able to maintain their bed they must advise the Committee and return their key to the Committee who will then reallocate the bed to the next person who is on the waiting list. 


Attendance at working bees.

Gardeners are asked to attend the monthly Ballarat Community Garden working bees and are requested to attend at least four per year. Many other jobs exist in the garden if you can’t attend Working Bees.

General maintenance of garden beds

Gardeners are responsible for the care and maintenance of their individual beds throughout the year, including the winter months. It is the responsibility of gardeners to maintain their own bed and the area around it, keeping it free of weeds, rubbish and any items that may be obstructing the pathways. Mulching of garden beds is strongly encouraged to control weed growth.  Composting of green waste is strongly encouraged. If a gardener is unable to tend to their bed due to illness, travel, work or emergency, for two months or more, they must discuss their situation with Ballarat Community Garden Committee.


All gardeners are expected to take responsibility for the care, maintenance and development of common garden beds and public areas in the Community Gardens. Ballarat Community Garden Committee encourages ‘active gardening’ in the Community Gardens. This includes:

  • Removing weeds along the border of garden beds and pathways adjacent to garden beds, and also along the fence lines.
  • Raking pathways.
  • Picking up and disposing of general rubbish around the garden.


Composting bins and recycling bins are provided onsite and members are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own garden waste.


Environmentally friendly gardening practices, pest and weed control are encouraged.  The use of environmentally friendly products is expected


Garden tools are provided for use by members of the Community Garden. 

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