A busy winter to spring transition

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BCG in association with other community groups, has been involved in a number of recent events. Here’s a report from Sheilagh with a few extra bits thrown in.

Saturday 25th Aug

Thanks to the Smart Living Centre who gave us permission to run the CPR training on their premises. The Saturday morning session went well, small numbers but that’s great as it allows time for discussion. I am hoping to run 2 sessions per month for the next year, one during the day and another during an evening, all at the Smart Living Centre so enable everyone to access this vital information. The program is simple but poignant given more than 70% of situations happen in the home. It could be a family member or friend whose life you are saving. You will also be able to take information and support material away with you.

The Smart Living Centre was busy on Saturday as Jane’s preserving workshop was very well attended in the afternoon. Lots of good feedback and I hope the promise of more to come! Jane has already posted her thanks and feedback but it would be nice to hear from participants.

And then there was John Ditchburn’s Seed Propagation workshop at the Ballarat Community Garden. This too was well attended despite somewhat chilly weather. It is always good to see children attend a workshop and have a go at gardening. With information gained those people will now have some wonderful produce in the next growing season. It was also a great opportunity to sow some seeds for the BCG, onions, leeks and spring onions. They are now germinating in the hothouse and will be available for gardeners to use in the next few weeks. The idea was to use the seeds from the Eureka Orienteer’s event last year to grow onions for the sausage sizzles, if we are allocated a date. Should the timing be wrong onions will be available. The spring onions and leeks are definitely for us….no good at a sausage sizzle.

Sunday 26th Aug

What a wonderful time it was on Sunday! Soup, good company and great information!

Thank you, John for entertaining us as well as imparting so much good information about pruning our fruit trees. They all look fabulous now and I am sure will bear lots of fruit. The opportunity to learn ‘hands on’ is so valuable. There are some copies of the notes John left at the garden and will be pinned up on the Notice Board. Please help yourself but leave one copy so that I can photocopy more for the future when needed. I believe we are going to place these notes on our website as a resource so hopefully no one will miss out.