Great news for volunteers

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Centrelink has given the Ballarat Community Garden approval to host job seekers to undertake voluntary work with us as an Approved Centrelink Activity.
Job seekers in receipt of income support who wish to undertake voluntary work as an approved Centrelink Activity must meet specific eligibility criteria.

The project is being managed by Rob Burns on behalf of the Ballarat Community Garden.
We will see a small number of volunteers ( perhaps 1 or 2 ) being taken on and given specific tasks according to volunteer skills and our needs at any given time.
Job seekers will also need to obtain separate approval from Centrelink or their Employment Service Provider before starting voluntary work with us.
So, if you know of any person who might have an interest in gardening and also has a requirement from Centrelink or their Employment Service Provider to undertake X hours of voluntary work, please let Rob Burns know on 0353 308 205
Please also be assured that privacy will be protected for any person engaged under this scheme.
This is a real coup for the BCG to obtain this status as we continue to develop a socially responsible presence in the Ballarat Community.