Harvest Festival 2012 planning meeting

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Another meeting has been organised for planning and preparation for our 2012 Harvest Festival. I apologise to all those gardeners who work during that time and are unable to attend. Please feel free to email or call me with any suggestions and offers of support. Call meLight bulbThumbs up It will be possible to arrange meetings for other times if we know there will be interest for that. With better weather on its way, early evenings or weekends are always an option. Sun

But……………for now, we will meet at the Community Garden on Friday 23rd Sept at 10am. I would like to gather as many ideas as possible and create a list of stalls etc and key people to coordinate them and/or the activities.  Party smile  I am hoping that the workload can be spread and where you may not be a part of the initial organisation, you might be able to assist in other capacities beforehand and on the day.

Our Harvest Festivals are gathering a name for themselves which is pretty exciting! I’m looking forward to HF 2012! Pizza Rainbow Island with palm tree
see you Friday
Sheilagh Clock only 10am!