Some good news for the BCG!

“Some great news for the garden ……. We have recently purchased and installed a new Gas Oven and Cooktop as well as a new workbench and storage cupboard in the club shed for the use of our gardeners.

The work workbench has a stainless steel top which will make it much safer to prepare food for cooking.

The funding was provided 100% by the City of Ballarat through their Community Impact Grant Program. Over many years the Council has been very supportive of the BCG and we continue to work with them with our future plans.

Part of the deal was to use local suppliers and Redfern Joinery, a long-standing Ballarat business, made the work bench and we purchased the Gas Oven from The Good Guys Ballarat.

Special thanks to Glenda Maes and Rick Taylor for their contribution and advice on the project.

Here’s looking forward to some nice winter soups coming up at the garden.”