Some thoughts about BCG from the Chair

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Our Chairperson on the committee of management has written a poem about the spirit of BCG. Unfortunately, the spur for writing this has been the number of thefts that have taken place at the garden recently. Some people need reminding that community is about helping each other, not helping yourself to fruits of other people’s labour. So please read Sheilagh’s poem, and take it to heart.

Our Community Garden

Gardeners love to garden, Foodies love to eat!

This community garden is a place where both of them meet.

We share information and seedlings

We swap seeds and produce we grow.

We look after each other in bad times

And laugh when the good times flow


We welcome you to this garden

We hope you enjoy what you see

We like to have people come and visit

And stay for a coffee or tea.

Feel free to meander the pathways

Feel free to ask questions and learn.

We all have our ways of gardening

Different at every turn.


But please,

If you have not tended or watered

The things that have grown in this soil

Please don’t touch the fruits of their labours

Please leave the rewards of their toil.


Thank you from us all